Exhibition Concept

The yellow trip – A self portrait, by Malika Sqalli
The exhibition Home: Contemporary Female Masters brings together a group of international mid career artists with links to the UK, working in different media - from painting to photography, installation and video art.

Throughout the centuries the home has traditionally been the domain of women, strongly characterising their roles in society. But how does the contemporary woman relate to the idea of home today, in the era of post feminism, globalisation and instant communications?

Today, when as women we have the perceived freedom to chose where and how to live, we explore what the idea and meaning of home is to us. Is it a person or a place? Perhaps it is a place of safety, or the lack thereof... ? Is it our community, support network, children, job, a country, a city, a memory etc. Is home what grounds us and does having the freedom to leave our homes also mean uprooting? What is the emotional price we and our families pay for building/making a new home [in the UK].

As a collective of female artists from around the world, from migrant families and different ethnicities, we are the product of a generation of women who, for the very first time in history, have the opportunity make these choices entirely for ourselves, regardless of where we come from and how the rest of the world thinks. While we may not have all the answers, we are uniquely equipped to raise important questions about the role of the contemporary woman in a globalised world.

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