Monday, 23 September 2013

Diana Ali

Spawn, Diana Ali

Born in Rusholme, Manchester to Bangladeshi parents, Diana is now based in Nottingham, UK but actively works nationally and internationally taking her curatorial ideas to different countries to challenge the misconceptions of belonging. Her medium involves fictional writing, drawing, photography and a play on the textual. She is interested in correspondence, networking, collaboration and connectivity in her practice and her research explores the relationship between the un-met and the meeting. Her curatorial projects are an extension of this where she explores artists responses from the local to the global.

The work shown in the exhibition considers displacement and temporary disengagement from our everyday living. Is a ‘home’ permanent or do we have ideals of what the home should be so forever searching? By procrastinating and day-dreaming do we have a yearning to disassociate from the monotony of our habitual base doings? And if so, it is not damaging our reality but briefly dislodging it. Multiple images from the everyday have been manipulated, distorted and misconstrued to represent the many ways in which we can have this escapism. Ali has exhibited at the TINAG festival, London and Site Gallery, Sheffield. Her international exhibitions include The Library Artspace, Victoria, Australia, The Crafts Fair in San Francisco, The Roaming Biennial in Tehran and the Other Asia’s exhibition ‘ReDo Pakistan’ in Karachi, Pakistan.

Her curatorial projects include ‘Up & Coming’ at the CUC in Liverpool, an event showcasing 60 emerging national and international artists, ‘Subversive Correspondence’, London and Bristol and ‘Dialogues: A Fake Romance?’ in Swansea. She has recently curated the ‘The State of Un-Play’ in Atelier 35, Bucharest, Romania. Ali is also a lecturer, workshop leader and creative mentor. She has worked in Italy and at Huanghui University in China. She is currently the course leader for the Foundation Diploma at Grantham College and a course author and BA tutor for the Open College of the Arts.

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