Saturday, 24 August 2013

Minna George

Desert Orchid, Mixed media on Canvas, 100x100 cm

"... home has now become state of mind and stability everywhere I find myself to be."

Artist Statement

My career as visual artist started with a classical and traditional approach to drawing and painting. Having been born in Ethiopia, spent my childhood in Bulgaria and adulthood to date in London, England my art practice developed with all the travels and changes in my life. I have now found myself using a range of mediums to help support the variety of subject matters that concern me as an artist today.

I find the ability to speak different visual languages exciting and it allows me to have the freedom of expression I need in my work. The idea of “Home” has always been a very broad term in my life, as I was raised as a citizen of the world; home has now become state of mind and stability everywhere I find myself to be.

In my paintings, photographs and films, I tend to explore different subjects ranging from extreme weather conditions to humour to chemical reactions. I tend to use drawing and photography as a reference to a memory or a place that may trigger a series of new paintings. However, my paintings are not necessarily object or scenery representations; they tend to express a state of being with a reference to a past experience. I choose to make my own mediums I paint with in order to achieve the right intensity of colour I need for each specific layer I apply on the canvas.


1995 - 2000 – National School for Fine Art– Sofia, Bulgaria
2000 - 2003 – BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art - London, UK
2010 - 2011 – MA Film and European Art Practice (with distinction), Kingston University – London, UK

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